Friday, November 9, 2007

Amangwe Village

I have been volunteering on Fridays at Amangwe Village in the creche (day care) for the last month or so. I wash dishes, help mop the floors and play with the 30 + kids. These are children that come from child headed homes and are hungry for attention and love. Amangwe Village supplies them with 2 meals a day, and some English teaching Monday through Friday, so that their older siblings can go to school. This is definitely a cultural experience for me because all the children only speak Zulu, and the workers speak mostly Zulu, and English when they are speaking to me. I am loving it though. I am getting the opportunity to build relationships with the other ladies there as well so that is neat. I have not learned all the names of the children yet, but I am learning their faces and personalities.

Lunch Time!

Ficeelle works at the Creche, and we have become fast friends.

Palele fell asleep
Feel the commotion

At the end of the day all the kids some how fit in the back of the truck to be driven back to their homes.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Calvary Baptist

This is the people of Calvary Baptist Church. Every Sunday the children go to Sunday school, and the Adults go to the church service, when the service is over, a lot of the people bolt out of the door, but some stay to have tea and coffee that is always available after the service.

The kids that come to Sunday school ranges anywhere from 0-60, and a lot of them come without their parents. We get in a big group and sing songs, then everyone splits up into 5 different age groups for the teaching time. So this is a big ministry for Calvary Baptist.

Pretty soon the holidays will begin and there will not be many kids for Sunday school, so then we will start back up in the New Year. When we start off the new year I am going to be teaching one of the Sunday school classes to give the teachers a break. Right now I am just helping in Sunday school with what they need.


This is Rosemary, she comes to our house on Thursdays to clean. We like her quite a bit, as well as the girls, they like to help clean as much as Rosemary will let them. She teaches me a little bit of Zulu every time she comes, we enjoy talking with each other.

I am praying that she sees God's love through this family every time she comes.

1st grade here we come!

Kindergarten is over and were on to first grade. Last week was Abby's first week of first grade. We had a little ceremony for her to congradulate her. The first picture if of her last day of Kindergarten, and the second one is of her ceremony. Now that she has started grade 1 we have started a new subject, English, so we are going to be learning grammer and how so write sentences and such, so we are excited about that.