Friday, May 18, 2012

Family Progress

As for how we are doing now... I would say things are going well, God has been faithful (is that really a surprise? ;) Penny is getting bigger... and cuter! She pretty much sleeps through the night now which is great, but for some reason I still have a hard time getting enough sleep, especially with Ava waking up at about 6:15 every morning. Penny can hold up her head pretty good, and we found that she loves to sit in the jumperoo, it gives her something to do, she likes to be up and moving around a little more than Ava did at this age. Ava is pouring out the words out right now, it is really fun to finally have Ava talking, she has also been going poopoo on the toilet almost every day, she doesn't like to do all her #1's on the potty, but I'm grateful for the poop in the potty right now, we will work on the rest as she desires to go on the potty more.
I have been letting you know what's going on with our church... well there are some new things to be known.    We have a new interim Pastor until we get a Pastor of our own, and we are so thankful for him coming to us to help out our church in a time of need.  TJ has still been leading worship, and I've been singing with him, which I actually really enjoy :).  
Also, our church is still behind us and what we're doing, and are A ok with us going to school this fall. TJ also feels like this is what God has for us right now, and hasn't heard any different from Him, so we're just following God's leading. We are still saving money and are not to our goal yet, I have estimated that we need about $35,000 (for all our needs & school costs), and we are about $11,000 short of what we need for 2 years at the the New Tribes Missionary Training Center .  If you are interested in supporting us right now (while we're in school) here is the information:
~Check:  Made out to New Tribes Mission
                                1000 E. First St.
                                Sanford, FL 32771-1487
              with a note saying it is to go to us (TJ and Lily Shropshire - students at MTC)

~Electronic transfer - set up by calling NTM headquarters at             1-866-547-2460       or            1-407-323-3430      

Until we are NTM missionaries these donations will not be tax deductible.
Thank you for being interested in who we are and what we're doing, and would love for you to be a part of it!

In the beginning of June we will be having a yard sale at a friend's house and people in the church are donating things to be sold there, and this money will go to supporting us while we are at school, we are really thankful for the effort people are putting in, and support from our church.  We are also in the process of getting our new website up, and prayer cards made.  

Bobby and Sarah

at the beach
 My brother Bobby and his wife Sarah married not yet a year came to visit our little family a few weeks ago. We greatly anticipated their coming and had such a wonderful time while they were here. They course has some of their own plans, such as going to Disney World, taking an air boat ride in the St. Johns river, going kayaking, driving down the coast, dates at local delicious restaurants, but that doesn't mean they didn't have any time for us. I got to cook them several meals (my favorite thing to do when people come :), we played Settlers of Catan once, watched the UFC fights at some friend's house, went to church, hung out in Cocoa village, and of course... went to the beach.
The morning after they got here they were sleeping in because the time change can be a difficult adjustment in the mornings, and Ava was just waiting for them to come out of the room, she couldn't stop mentioning Bobby, and when he actually came out she was so shy but then after a couple minutes she couldn't contain herself, I don't know if I've ever seen her this excited about someone (other than her daddy) coming to visit before, she was “performing” for Bobby, saying crazy stuff, jumping off couches, laughing historically... the point being she was VERY excited to have Bobby here! She enjoyed Bobby and Sarah the whole time they were here, and she was forever entertained with their Iphones and Ipad, she wishes she could have kept them around forever. I also enjoyed getting to know Sarah a little better as I hadn't gotten to know her very well before Bobby married her, so that was fun!

Ava wasn't feeling good

In our beach tent my mom and Grandma got us 

Toy Store!  

walking around Cocoa Village

Ava make'n a run for it

Eating lunch at a local favorite

UFC fight night, everyone's helping Andrew hold Penny  :)


chill'n with her daddy

Sarah and Penny

Ava playing with Bobby's phone (common occurance)