Thursday, September 3, 2009

Habby Birthday Mom!

It' my mom's Birthday today, she's 52!
I am thinking back on the life of my mom, of what I can remember ... what a remarkable woman of God she is! I remember being in church, and Pastor using my mom as an example of someone who would be thought of as a "Mary" someone who studied Jesus, and loved to hear him talk, where as Martha was a busy body.
Anyway, she has been a wonderful mother to me, even now we talk often, and she still has such good advice, I hope that I can be as a good a mother as she is to me. I love her so very much, and I hope she has a fabulous birthday.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Youth Group

TJ, and I feel that God is leading us to lead the Youth Group at our church right now (on our back porch). Last Sunday night we had our first meeting together, there was about 9 young adults, and we are anticipating more coming.

We will be going through a chronological teaching of the Bible from beginning to end, studying the main events of scripture seeing how they all fit together, to point to Christ. We are excited about this opportunity, and that God has allowed us to come to this place in our lives to do this.

I share this with you, to share information about our lives, and also so that you can pray with us.

TJ and I feel called to be at the church we are attending right now (Calvary Chapel Space Coast). Our church is going through some hard times, and we are trusting God, and calling on Him for our next step. Even though we are weighed down by the spiritual warfare going on in our church, we feel called to lead this Youth Group, but we really need prayer for strength to deal with the things God has for us.
On Sunday some guys came over from our church to pray with us for this youth group, and the overwhelming truth came over me that our God never changes, even if our circumstances change, our God will always stay the same. Praise the LORD!!!

Beach and Surfing

On Saturday, TJ and I went to the beach with some friends, and he headed out straight for the water... with his surf board, and brother Peter... :)
They caught some good waves, and I got some good pictures, so I thought I would share them with you.
It is a novelty to live just 20 minutes from the beach, those of you who live closer might not say so, but yes, I feel privileged that for this time of my life God has given me this gift.

If you look closely on one of the pictures TJ and Peter are surfing together on the same wave.