Monday, May 17, 2010

33 Weeks down and 7 to go

This week was kind of crazy. The day Valerie left we started house/baby sitting for a family for a whole week, taking them to school, picking them up, so on and so forth, until this last Saturday, which made for a really busy couple of weeks. Sunday was Youth Sunday for us, so the youth did worship, TJ lead it, I played the djembe, some of the girls sang, and others played instruments, and it went really well. TJ preached, and He did a good job, it was his first time preaching in church, so I was proud of him. :) Go TJ!

As far as my pregnancy goes, my little girl is getting bigger, so I am waddling more (trying really hard not to... :) And as each day goes by it is getting slightly more uncomfortable, and my hands and feet are swelling, but over all, there is really not much I can complain about.

Valerie's Visit

Last week my friend Valerie came to visit me here in Florida for a week, which was totally awesome. It was really nice to have her here, to spend time with her and just talk face to face. We went to the beach a couple of times, we got to visit with her cousins in Orlando for a day, she went to my midwifery visit with me, we went to church a couple of times, hung out with some of my family, and friends (my friend Betsy turned 30... :). The time we had together was really blessed, and I'm so thankful that she took time out of her life to hang out with us before she goes to be a full time missionary in Indonesia.

32 Weeks

The most exciting thing about my 32nd week was the fact that my nephew Levi Alan Shropshire was born, 7lbs 3oz. He is a beautiful baby. I was supposed to be there for the birth, but walked in 2 minutes after the baby was born, which was slightly disappointing. Regardless of that fact, it was absolutely amazing to see that baby laying on her chest after just being inside her, and watching her connect with her baby in a way even she couldn't describe to you. I was in awe of God's plan and creativity. And now getting to see a different side of Cherie and how she interacts with her new son is so fun. God bless her and new little family... :)