Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Potato Stamps

Today we made pictures with our potato stamps. It was a fun craft. I like painting... so does Emily.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today was a bit of a busy Sunday. I played piano for offertory, which was a little bit nerve racking in and of itself, and I got the chance to sing with the praise team today as well. In a few weeks I am going to be accompanying the youth as they lead the church in singing Christmas carols, so we will see how that goes. These are going to be growing experiences for me, jumping into things that I have never really done before. Such is the life of ministry.


TJ Shropshire is my boyfriend who is studying right now at New Tribes Bible Institute in Michigan, even though distance and time separates us right now we are looking to the Lord for our future. This is me... every night doing the best I can to communicate properly.
This situation is hard, but good, God is teaching me about His sovereignty and sufficiency in my life.
This is also where I spend my time blogging, keeping people in touch, and informed. I am appreciating this technology very much.