Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chicken curry and Roti

Tonight I decided to be ambitios and make chicken curry from the seasonings I brought home, and roti, and it turned our really good. I even made the rice with tumeric powder in it, the way
they do it over there, so that was seriously fun, and delicous. I like making good South African food way over here in central California. This goes out to all my buddies in South Africa... :)

Valerie's Visit

This past week was a refreshing week. My friend Valerie du Mee came to visit me and my family. We had lots of things planned and it was really nice to just be with each other, encouraging eachother, and sharing a little bit of life together. I have realized that when I make a really good friend, it is really worth putting in that effort to continue that relationship. Valerie and I keep in contact letting eachother know what's going on in our personal lives and continue to encourage eachother in the Lord, it's good to know I can have such a good friend like her. When she got here we went over to Monteray to some music concerts and hung out at the beach, then on Sunday my Grandma Dorothy had her 80th birthday party, so Valerie got to meet my whole extended family on my dad's side. We worked on invitations and spent time with my family. It was fantastic.