Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas time at the Griffith's

Christmas Tree Lane, one street over from where my parents live

The first time Ava got to meet her cousin Bella

Ava's stocking

Pop's and his grand babies

Ava's first meal

babies opening their Christmas gifts

Griffith Family Christmas (Dec 27th)
This Christmas season has been so interesting, so different than it has ever been before.  It's so crazy having two families.  I missed my Shropshire family this year, and spending quality Christmas time with them, the closer you get to more people the harder life gets.  You are always going to forgo time with a loved one to spend time with another one. 
This year My two brother's and I all have our own children, Bella, Ezra and Ava all born this year, they joined together to celebrate their first Christmas.
Sunday night we had a Extended family Griffith gathering, and all the Griffith cousins were there.  TJ and I are here for a little longer and plan to hang out with some old friends, and spend time with our family.  We are so glad to be here and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  
Griffith Cousins (and families)

My sister in law Helen

Grandma and Grandpa Griffith with their Great Grand kids

Thursday, December 23, 2010

California Life

 We have been keeping ourselves pretty busy.  TJ has been busy trimming bushes and trees in the yard, he loves gardening, and my parents have plenty of that for him... :)  He has also been helping my dad build his little cottage.  We have been hanging out with some friends as well, we went to Jeb and Jenna James' apartment the other night for some delicious pizza, we talked about old times and new experiences and laughed our heads off.
We had the pleasure of having Jared and Jessica Young over for dinner, we got to meet their new baby boy Jackson... so cute!  It's good to see friends we haven't seen in a while.
This morning Ava was playing with her new doll  (my old doll)  we found that she looks a lot like her little doll.  I am also enjoying all the time I get to spend with my Mormor. 
that's all for now.  :)

Monday, December 20, 2010


 TJ Ava, and I arrived in Fresno California Thursday the 16th.  We have been spending time with family, Ava got to meet her cousin Ezra, and her Great Grandmother Mormor.  We got to go to a young adult church party up at the Heirendt's house in the mountains, we went to Auberry Community church on Sunday, saw old friends, and listened to the wonderful Christmas story.
On Sunday night my friend Ericka Reed got married, and I was honored to be there, she looked beautiful!  Congratulations Ericka and Trent! 
It's great to be home, and I am looking forward to the rest of our stay. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ava is 6 months

Ava is 6 months today... half a year!  Way to go girl, she is growing like crazy, and oh how I enjoy her.  She is so amazing to watch, the things she learns every day.  She is starting to sit up now just in the past week,  Just last night she found the sound "B" so she has been experimenting with different sounds, it is SOoooo cute!
She is just growing out of 3-6 month clothes and is moving on to 6-9 month clothing.  Her feet are so long that even 6-9 month shoes are too small for her.  She likes toys a lot more now, because she can actually hold on to things.  She is grabbing things constantly now, so if your holding her on your lap while eating, you better watch out or she'll have your plate.. :)
She has only grown a little more hair, but you can hardly tell because it's so fine and blond.
She is still sleeping through the night, but has been putting herself to bed earlier, closer to 8, and has been waking up closer to 5 or 6 instead of 6 or 7, but she usually goes back to sleep for a while after that.

 We are leaving for California in a couple of days to have Christmas with my family... I'm so excited because Ava gets to meet her little cousins who were born this year as well. 

Happy 6 months Ava Lorraine!!!

Also we've been pretty involved with our youth, if you want to check out our youth blog its:

Christmas time with the Shropshire's

 I feel truly blessed with the family that I have married into, they have become my family, and what blessings come with that!

On Saturday TJ and I spent the day cleaning our house, and making 4 batches of my delicious eclairs in preparation for the whole family coming to our house. 
On Saturday night we all went to the famous Titusville Christmas Parade, where we watched the fire trucks, and school bands, corny floats, and of course the Hill billy truck with the Huge women's underwear hanging from the clothes line.

Afterwards we all arrived at our house.  We ate all kinds of dessert, and enjoyed each other's company.  The cousins were all outside Nerf sward fighting, and whatever else they came up with.  Someone always comes away hurt.  This time it was TJ who got the wooden end of the stick (the handle) right to his hand, our brother in law Shannon, beat TJ down!  We thought he broke it, but thankfully didn't. 

The next day, Sunday The Shropshire family came over once again (just TJ's immediate family this time), to have dinner and and open presents because we are leaving for California in a couple of days.  We had pizza for dinner, played charades, and ate more eclairs of course (4 batches is a lot).  And finally opened presents, it was a really fun night, and I'm so glad to be a part of the Shropshire family, God has truly blessed me.

Actually, anything good that I have is a blessing and gift from God, and don't you ever forget that!  :)
I hope your Christmas season is a good one!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


It was so cold this morning, Ava and I both threw our robes on so that we would be warm enough... :)
We had a wonderful thanksgiving last week, I'm really bummed that I forgot to take pictrues, but we had a wondeful meal at Leah and Shannon Cherry's house, we stayed all day, playing nurf sword fights, eating lots of desert and coffee, and then more desert... :)

We are going to California for Christmas, and I'm so excited to meet my nephew, and for Ava to meet her little cousins.

My contribution to the meal was candied sweet potatoes, strawberry cream cheese pretzel jello, and two chocolate pecan pies... so wonderful.  I only got a picture of the pie... sorry : /

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Youth Group

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but we are now having our Youth Group meetings at a Christian Missionary Alliance church, where our church has had services before.  It works out really well, and we have actually had more kids come than before.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jake and Maggie

Yesterday was a wonderful day to rememeber.  Aunt Maggie (TJ's dad's sister) got married to a wonderful man, Jake!  It was so exciting to see how God brought them together, now I know some people just say things like that, but really God has done amzing things in their lives.  Ava and I had the pleasure of doing the guest booke, Ava welcomed the guests with smiles and cuteness... :)
What a wonderful event, congratulations Jake and Maggie, to a new beginning in your lives, may God be glorified!