Monday, June 7, 2010

Tropical Beach Cabana

On Saturday, my wonderful sister in laws and mother in law (Leah, Cherie, Kelly, and Lori) put on an awesome baby shower for me themed tropical beach cabana... for my "beach baby". As you can see the bamboo was awesome, there were beach umbrellas around, and delicious food, mostly including lots of fresh fruit, sandwhiches and a delicious salad, and of coarse there were my favorite... eclairs (Leah made them). My good friend Betsy brought onezies and fabric markers, and "iron on" flowers and things to decorate the onezies, and once they were all decorated we hung them on the umbrella in the corner. It was very fun, and now I have lots of homemade onezies to dress my little girl in... :)

The ladies shared some wonderful advice for me, the main one being love your child, and as we were going around the room, I realized there are a million different ways to love your child.
One lady wanted to make sure I knew not to tell my teenager that I love them in front of their freinds because they will be embarrased... but I was thinking, if she's going to be embarassed in front of her friends, what kind of friends does she have? All I'm thinking is that i'm going to be embarrasing her a lot worse than that... most the time, unintentinally (the fun of being a parent right?). Anyway, I just thought it was kind of funny.

36 Weeks

It has been crazy this week how my body has changed. My baby is getting bigger, and I think she is also moving down into my pelvis lower and lower because I am feeling all sorts of uncomfortable pressures. It is getting a lot harder to get a good nights sleep, and just this week I have gone from peeing one time in the night to three times a night, and it feels like I "got to go!" like a russian race horse, and than not much comes out... I guess she thinks it's fun to sit on mommy's bladder... :)
Other than all that I would say I'm feeling pretty good for the circumstances.