Sunday, October 14, 2007

Life with Emily and Abby

Last week it rained for almost a whole week. You can imagine what it's like when you have 2 children that havn't been outside for a few days. So the girls and I took a trip to Mcdonalds for the afternoon. So instead of bouncing off the walls at home they got to bounce all over the play room. We ate our chicken nuggets, we made about 5 trips to the bathroom, and before we left we ordered cones, with flakes which is this chocalte flaky stick that you dip into your ice cream. It was a fun, eventful day.

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whO wE arE said...

Hey LILY! We love hearing from you and are so excited to see what is happening with you in S.A. The girls look so cute! We hope you are having fun and wish we were there! Take care and tell the family we say hello!


kat and tim