Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I've been kicked out of the nest

Normally when I go to the store I go to Spar which is only 5 minutes away, and there is no need for a parking guard, and it just seems safer to me.
So Yesterday...
I drove to Pick n Pay, (our local grocery store) by myself, which is really only 10 minutes away, I gave the parking guard the "ok" to watch the car, I went into the mall, got money out of the ATM... by myself (mind you, it's a little more dangerous here) I went in and got groceries, bought some post cards, came back out, paid the parking guard, and drove home. It doesn't sound like a lot to you, but it was a mini adventure for me. :)
Heather teases me that she is kicking me out of the nest.


Laura said...

I am proud of you! I remember the first time I drove to the store by myself in Portugal and got $ out of the ATM w/o having to have someone tell me what to do b/c the words were in Portuguese. :) The little things are always the biggest "achievements."

James and Lisa dotBLOG said...

Well done. We know what it is like to have to be so security conscious. The Spar is so familiar to us as it is a common store back home and one of our supporters actually is the owner of Spar!!