Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lily Lorraine Shropshire

There has been so much going on lately.

On October 11th I married TJ Shropshire. His whole family flew all the way from FLorida to be with us, an
d that really meant a lot ot me. There was so many people here working and enjoying each other's company. The weather was wonderful and every thing went really well (with a few small glitches).

TJ and I went to Santa Barbara for the first part of our honey moon and stayed in a bed and breakfast... a cottage all to ourselves it was really nice.

I will tell you about the rest as it comes. We have opened our gifts (with the help of our neighbor girls) from the California clan, and visited with my parents, and now TJ and I are headed back to Florida, and on the way we are hoping to see some cool sites.
I am a little sad about leaving home but also I am excited to see how God works in our lives in the next few months.

Sorry for the late update but here it is.


Heather said...

Some great pics thanks! I'll explain the wrap later :) We got it at a dingy little Indian shop in Durban at the Victoria street market. But, there's a specific use for it . . . .

Gezar said...

3 lonely keys

3 keys lay on the dresser
3 keys curiously unconnected
I tilt my head and question them
Why are you laying here without a ring between you?

3 lonely keys.
One to a ford who has tasted the salty oceans of the East and West
Educated a mom
Survived the windy city winter, twice.
Given freedom to a teenager.
Why do you lay here with your brothers?

3 lonely keys.
One to a Japanese car living in California!
Wheels to a new counselor, living a dream.
Key to a cheap ride.
Can I use the Honda?
This lonely key will never speak this again.

3 lonely keys.
The front door.
A curly head.
A rush of character explodes into this space.

3 lonely keys.
One by one delicate fingers lay you where you now rest
They have set you here to pick up another.
A sole key now takes you to another world far from here.

Oh keys, where has the laughter gone?


Lily Griffith said...

Thanx dad...
I really like that peom... even though it just made tears run down my face... :(