Friday, July 18, 2008

can I say where I'm registered?

So... I'm discussing with the parents tonight about whether or not it is polite to send in the invitation where we are registered. They say it is not polite, I say it is informative and that it would be okay. What would you say? comment if you would, I would like to know what you think or if you have any ideas.


Jess said...

I personally appreciate knowing where to go and what to get...why would I want to go store to store looking for your name failing and driving around aimlessly? ;) I think times are just changing very quickly, there's even wedding evites out there! crazy!

whO wE arE said...

I haven't ever received an invitation without one! That's the whole point of registering-so people can know what to get you! It's definitely alright and very helpful to guests in my opinion!

TheSecretLifeofTea said...

Well, Miss Manners would say it is rude because it's like saying you expect gifts (which come on, most people do...)...but it's been done before so if you're comfortable with it...I personally would leave it off and rely on a very vocal group of friends to tell people where you are registered