Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Day

Oh dear...
My mom and I are doing lots of planning for my wedding, it is fun, but a little stressful at times. I found a dress, so I was really excited about that. For some reason all the dresses were fitting me really nicely, at two different stores 2 ladies asked me if I would model dresses in a bridal show they are having, so that was fun. I have been away from my TJ for a week, we would not choose to be away from each other, but this is the last time for now.
Today was a good day. I shared about my time in South Africa with my church, and it went really well, I think they understood what I wanted to get across, so that was fun. I also shared a powerpoint of pictures. So I think they got a picture of what my life was like a little bit there and how God worked, and that's what I wanted them to see.

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